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Studio Background Kit

KSh10,000 +VAT (KSh11,600)

Key Features:
• Designed to support a paper or cloth background, up to 9′ wide by 36′ long.
• Folds down quickly, and is stored in the included travel case

What’s in the box?
• 2 Support Stands
• Telescopic Crossbar
• Bag

About this item:
The Kit consists of two black folding upright stands that can rise to a height of 8′ 10″, a crossbar that can expand to a width of 9′ 5″, and a travel case with handle. It is ideal for the photographer on the go or your studio. The stand is compact and collapse to less than 44 inches. The Kit is designed to safely support 9′ rolls of seamless paper, as well as cloth backgrounds as heavy as muslin. For 10′ wide cloth backgrounds, either fold the edges under, or gather and drape the material to fit the width of the crossbar. For extra safety, weights or sandbags are available as accessories to secure the setup around active children. And don’t forget a clamp or two, to secure your included roll of white seamless paper or to drape your cloth background more creatively.